By donating, you help ICBDSR to bring together and improve birth defect surveillance and research programs on birth defects from around the world.
These programs have the aim of preventing birth defects and lessening the impact of their consequences.

Your donation will be used for funding of:

  • the ICBDSR annual scientific meeting: e.g. scholarship/travel stipend to attend the meeting, general organization of the meeting
  • research projects on specific topic related to birth defects: to local researchers for producing scientific papers, papers’ publication
  • the ICBDSR website: improvements of online tools and resources
How to make a donation:

By wire transfer to:

Beneficiary:  ICBDSR

Beneficiary address:  Via Carlo Mirabello 14 – 00195 Rome, Italy

Beneficiary’s Bank: CDC Federal Credit Union

Bank’s address: 2301 ParkLake Drive NE, 30345 Atlanta, GA, USA

Bank Account No:  215590

Sort code or swift code:  US084000026196113

ABA No/CHIPS:  261171244

By check (US$ only), made out to “ICBDSR”, and sent to:


Attn. Simonetta Zezza

Via Carlo Mirabello, 14 – 00195 Rome, Italy

Please let us know at when the wire is performed or the check is sent, so we can record and acknowledge your donation.