41st ICBDSR Annual Meeting
September 13-16, 2014
(UPDATED ON 09/05)
Alessandra Lisi Award - Announcement
Second Announcement
Training Program 2014
A new video online
A documentary on the history of folic acid by Birth Defects COUNT, CDCís global initiative to reduce death and lifelong disability.
Clearinghouse Monthly Newsletter
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ICBDSR Distinguished Service Award
Training Program
Training Program on Surveillance and Prevention of Birth Defects and Preterm Births
Kristalos 2012 - Issue #2
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PROblem Solving Electronic Manual
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The mission of the International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects Surveillance and Research is to bring together birth defect programmes from around the world with the aim of conducting worldwide surveillance and research to prevent birth defects and to ameliorate their consequences.

We welcome new members and affiliates, to promote birth defect surveillance, research, and prevention worldwide.